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About Our Club

The Calliope Jockey Club is one of Queensland’s oldest race clubs as they prepare for their 110th Gold Cup Race Meeting on Saturday 11th May 2024. JS Neill-Ballantine Park is known to be one of the most picturesque racecourses in Queensland, located just out of Calliope amongst the serine countryside.

The Calliope Jockey Club is run by a team of volunteers lead by President Jim Neill-Ballantine who has chaired the Calliope Jockey Club for approximately 57 years. The committee are very passionate about creating a safe and fun day out for the entire family.  
The Track Manager, Bob Lisle, works tirelessly all  year around to maintain the track which is why the track always looks amazing.

The Calliope Jockey Club's race days always bring the community together from near and far. It is a day that the community always look forward to. 

The Calliope Jockey Club are always keen to invite new members to be a part of the team as they are always looking for new ideas to make their race days even better for the community.

Executive Committee

President: Jim Neill-Ballantine
Vice President: Bob Lisle
Secretary:  Margaret Vale
Treasurer: Chris Neill-Ballantine
Track Manager: Bob Lisle